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The PAK Group, like our Australian counterparts AICO, welcomes any information that can lead to the reduction of piracy.  All the information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality!

Know if a thief?  We would like to know and if the information you provide leads to a successful resolution WE WILL PAY YOU 3% OF WHAT IS COLLECTED.
In the United States for example, damages can be awarded from between 30 – 150K USD per infringement of a copyrighted work.  So if you provide us with the lead and we collect say 150K, you would receive $4500 for your efforts.   

Retailers are obligated by law not to sell pirated material. If they purchase pirated films, even unwittingly from a third party, they may find that they are unable to sell their stock as such a sale would breach the Copyright Act.

If a website is displaying videos and photos of work that you know they do not have a license for and/or do not own, again, we want to know.

Please send an email to: contact@thepakgroup.com

Include the following:



Telephone Number:

Site or Location:

Any additional information that relates to the infringing work(s).  We will use this to begin our investigation and will only contact you if we have any questions or a check for you.