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How to get involved


Tired of sitting on the sidelines while your profit shrinks? 


Do you believe that piracy is wrong? 


Ever wanted to fight back with the Law on your side?


You are not alone!


The PAK Group are content producers, industry leaders, advocates, and providers who stand together in a common fight against piracy.  There is strength in numbers and we need you!

There are three ways to become part of The PAK Group; you can participate in one or both levels.

Join the fight ...

As a client of The PAK Group, we provide you with services that assist you in mitigating the illegal exploitation of your work.  From documentation and letter writing to litigation and liquidation; we handle it all.  In addition, you are linked to other companies in a similar position and thus our collective power. The bottom line is that we track down thieves, collect fees and/or shut them down.  For more information, please contact us here.

Support the fight...

We have been approached by companies who have shared that they would like to help fund the cause because ultimately if their clients suffer, they will as well.  Others have wanted to get on board becuase they believe in our cause. Whatever the motivation, you can help. We need your support to continue to launch a meaningful assault. For more information, please contact us here.


Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can? - Sun Tzu
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08. February 2008

Content Producer Group Forms Piracy Enforcement Company
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Building on a meeting last year in Los Angeles at which a large gathering of content producers and others met to discuss ways to protect their content from thieves, the core members...read on

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