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About Us

Below you will find information about The PAK Group. We look forward to developing a colaborative relationship with you.

In late 2007 , a meeting of major content producers was held in Los Angeles.  The sentiment was the same, that being that no one is immune and everyone is suffering as a result of pirated material circulating the globe in the form of bootleg DVD’s and on the Internet.  As a result of follow up meetings, The PAK Group was formed for the purpose of documenting, pursuing and bringing claims in the form of demand letters and lawsuits to the front door of pirates.  The PAK Group, in order to effectively pursue infringements, specifically does not make a distinction between large and small infringers.  Using proprietary technology and legal know how, The PAK Group provides a producer, regardless of size, the ability to share in the distributed cost of enforcing their rights.  We aggressively enforce and collect from those who have made money fencing stolen property.  Each attack is a win for the Industry. For more information click here and join the fight to take back what is rightfully yours!

  Who Forms The PAK Group?  

The PAK Group is always expanding and is made up of many associates and clients.  The parties below represent our key contacts:

Board of Directors
Andrew Stoddard, Shane’s World/Hush Hush Entertainment
David Sutton, VCX Pictures/Cal Vista
Jason Tucker, Falcon Enterprises/Falcon Foto
Steven Gallon, Grooby Productions
Todd Blatt, Antigua Pictures

Advisory Counsel
Paul Fishbein, AVN Media Network
Alec Helmy, Helmy Enterprises/Adnet Media
Gregory A. Piccionelli, Esq.

General Counsel
Robert Apgood, Esq.
Spencer Freeman, Esq.

Strategic Alliances
Free Speech Coalition
Global Anti Piracy Association

More to come…